Terrell Owens has still got it.

According to TMZ Sports:

Owens tells us he intended to quickly stop by the store and grab a few necessities. While inside, T.O. says a 49ers fan approached him and they had a friendly conversation. That’s when things took a turn.

Terrell says a second man — the guy who was ultimately clocked — started talking crap to the fan Owens was conversing with. The aggressor threatened to beat up the men outside, according to witnesses.

The group eventually made their way outside to the sidewalk in front of the store. Terrell was playing peacemaker, according to a witness.

Unfortunately, the heckler who allegedly started the confrontation just minutes earlier inside the store took an unprovoked swing at Owens.

A mistake … and the fight was on.

After sizing up the man, the 48-year-old Hall of Famer landed a looping right punch square to the guy’s chin, sending him to the pavement.

A few seconds later, the man returned to his feet … seemingly a lot less willing to fight.

No word on why the guy pictured above didn’t have a shirt on or what happened from there. According to TMZ, Owens dropped him and then hopped in his Tesla (shoutout Elon Musk) and drove off.

Could you imagine standing outside a CVS with Terrell Owens looking at you ready to knock you out? This guy had to be on drugs because there’s no way you think you can last more than five seconds in any type of altercation.

Talk about the perfect “f%ck around and find out” moment.

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