The Tour de France is one of the most famous sporting events in the world. It is also known as La Grande Boucle or Le Tour, and its roots go back to the beginning of the 19th century, as the first race was held in 1903.

This world-famous competition takes place annually, and the only interruptions during all these years were the First (1915-1918) and Second (1940-1946) World Wars. Everything related to the legendary Tour de France evokes strong emotions in fans, which is why all gadgets, such as team jerseys, are extremely popular and desirable. Where can Tour de France jerseys be found?

Why are Tour de France jerseys so popular? 

The Tour de France, together with the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta España, are the three most important cycling races in the world. The length of the French race is over 3,000 km, although in the past the route exceeded 4,000 km, and in the years 1911-1931 it was around 5,000 km. Due to its reputation, the race has become extremely popular all over Europe and the rest of the world, which is why millions of fans follow their favourite cyclists and teams each year. Cycling jerseys have been a very important element since the very beginning of the Tour de France. During the competition, there are different classifications of competitors. The best cyclists in a given category receive the leaders’ jerseys, which they wear in the next stage of the race. The jerseys to be won during the Tour de France are:• Yellow Jersey (Le maillot jaune) – the jersey of the leader of the general classification is the most valuable. It is awarded on the basis of the aggregate times of all stages.• Green Jersey (Le maillot vert) – this is the sprint jersey.• White Polka Dot Jersey (Le maillot à pois rouges) – the jersey for the best rider in the mountain classification. • White Jersey (Le maillot blanc) – awarded to the best cyclist under 25.

Team jerseys – a treat for every Tour de France fan

Jerseys are an extremely important element of the French race. Cycling teams are for Tour de France fans like football clubs for football fans. Therefore, the jerseys of specific teams are extremely valuable and desirable for true fans of the Tour de France. Teams such as ASTANA, INEOS, and BORA HANSGHORE are extremely well-known, therefore jerseys with their colours and symbols are extremely attractive for true cycling fans. They are distinguished by high quality, as well as the iconic colours and symbolism of individual teams, which is why cycling jerseys are a dream of every cyclist and cycling fan. 

Where can you buy team cycling jerseys?

Choosing the right cycling jersey store is extremely important because such jerseys must be original. Any fakes not only lower the value of such a jersey, but also their quality is very poor. If you are looking for a professional store that offers only original jerseys of the Tour de France cycling teams, be sure to visit