The Dallas Cowboys are playing their best football of the season. The Cowboys have battled back from a tough start to the season to win four straight games against some quality opponents. 

Many factors have been credited for the streak that has set Dallas atop the NFC East standings.

Here’s what Elliott revealed to recently about the new superstition that he believes has helped to spark their winning streak.

“It’s really funny, because me and Dak were like, ‘Man, we’ve got to get something going. We need some new juju or something. Let’s wear long sleeves this game’. And that was that Philly game and that was the start of this win streak.”

Watch Zeke explain below: 

Superstitions  can only carry you so far in sports. 

At the end of the day, you need to win games without lucky charms. 

What will happen if they lose with long sleeves? I guess we’ll find out, unless they win out, which is highly unlikely. 

The Cowboys can all but guarantee a Playoff berth with a win against the Eagles. 

Kickoff is at 3:25pm Sunday at Jerryworld.

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