Dak Prescott was a one-year wonder? Prescott followed up a sensational rookie season with a so-so sophomore year. He was shaky during Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension and struggled when they needed big wins. 

Looks like his off the field success isn’t that easy either. He’s been linked to many women throughout the years. Now we received this tip about Dak, and his chase to land a female comic. 

On her recent podcast, Kate talks about how Dak invited her to hang out in Cali and then he invited her to his house the weekend before her comedy show. Interesting says our source.  

You can hear Kate Quigley talk about Dak on her podcast below. Dak is one friendly guy. The conversation begins at the 20:20 mark. A fan asked her would she date him and she said no. Sorry Dak, onto the next one.