Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott enjoyed a great 2018 season, leading the Cowboys to a playoff berth, and also winning a wild card game. 

Dak even made the Pro Bowl. 

Which unfortunately is where this story starts. 

At the Pro Bowl in Orlando last weekend, Dak Prescott was with Keenan Allen at an after party at Tier Nightclub, and they were both caught making out with this stripper. They were basically taking turns with her. 

Interestingly enough, Keenan is married. 

Someone on the team’s mother took a video, it was LA Chargers star running back Melvin Gordon’s mother, and she actually tried to confront Allen, but him, Dak, and the girl had already left before she had the chance.  

 Here’s an eyewitness account we received: 

Sunday after the Pro-bowl, I went to a club called Tier in Orlando, this is where all the players would be. I saw plenty of them there. As my friend went into a Section I decided to stay back and mingle. A dude came up to me saying Melvin Gordon wanted me in their section. I was sick of standing so I went. He was super nice, got me a drink, and introduced me to his family. They were lit. The section he had was up top, and overlooked the entire club. I could see Melvin’s mom filming from the balcony of the section, so I decided to check out the situation. As I looked where the phone was facing I saw Keenan Allen and a random girl full blown making out, as Melvin’s mom kept saying she was taking this video to show Keenan’s wife, who recently had a baby. This went on for several minutes until Dak Prescott got to the same section where he and Keenan traded that same girl off back and forth between each other.. When the lights cam on in the club, Melvin’s mom said she was going to go say something, she even got the rest of the family from Melvin’s section involved, causing a scene, making sure everyone knew Keenan was cheating on his wife. The woman took an 11 minute video on her phone of the whole ordeal. So she started walking down but at that point, Dak, Keenan and the girl left along with some other people. So Mama got no where. Dak and Keenan got away. You must put this out there. Love your site, and love Sports Gossip, keep up the great work! 

We also received a snippet of the video. 

Here are the screenshots, as you can see, that’s Dak Prescott: 

This is one bizarre story. 

You have two NFL players and a stripper, nothing crazy about that. 

The weird part of the story is Melvin Gordon’s mother trying to capture video, and rat out Keenan Allen. 

That’s Pro Bowl weekend for you. 

As always, send more Tips our way, you can’t make this stuff up. 

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