Dak Prescott, one of the biggest bargains in the NFL for years, believes everyone in Dallas can get their slice of the pie because that pastry is constantly growing.

Via USA Today

“For somebody to say you can only take so much because of the salary cap or you can only do this or that, I don’t know how fair that is to say,” Prescott recently told USA Today’s Jori Epstein. “Because with gambling, with everything going into this league, everything is going to continue to keep going up.

“It’s important for all these guys to get every bit of their worth. I want to see Zeke the highest-paid. I want to see Amari the highest-paid. I want to see myself up there. And I don’t think any of that is too far-fetched. Because at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, a year or two later, you’re not going to be the highest-paid. That’s just the way the game goes.”

 Take a look below to see just how underpaid Dak is: 

Cowboys and Prescott’s team of agents exchanged first offers before offseason activities broke for summer.

“I mean, steps have to be made,” Prescott told USA Today. “They’re simple steps. For the most part, obviously you want to get closure and obviously you want to get it done, but the Cowboys probably feel the same way that I do: Nobody wants to take anything that’s not fair to the other.”

Now we’ll have to just see what happens. 

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