Dak Prescott and the Cowboys have been on a hot streak since we received word that Dallas’ signal caller had been spending time with actress Estrella Nouri.  

Since that time the Cowboys have won four straight games and completely turned their season around.  During that win streak, Nouri also hinted a couple that she’s watching number 4 a little closer.

Is Estrella the secret to Dak’s recent success?  It’s very possible and according to a tipster, Dak wants her to know that he’s enjoyed their time together.

I work in a very well known hotel in Dubai where we have a celebrity guest, Estrella Nouri staying. Before she checked out she received a huge bouquet of flowers from American football player Dak Prescott. The card said “These last few months have been the best. Miss you babe!” 

We don’t know if Estrella will be in Dallas for Sunday’s big game against the Eagles, but we’re confident that she’ll be keeping an eye on the game.