Cleveland Browns safety Damarious Randall may have borrow some cash if the Cavs can actually beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals. Randall has promised everyone on Twitter who retweeted the following that he will buy a jersey for them,  if the Cavs beat the Golden State Warriors in the Finals.  

In 30 minutes the number of retweets went from 65,000 to almost 73,000. At an average cost of $99.99 on the NFL Shop, he has committed to $7.279 million in jerseys.  Now it sits at almost 300,000 retweets, so he’ll have to spend a lot more than that if the Cavs win.

Apparently this was in response to him rooting for Steph Curry to light up the Cavs in Game 3 and Game 4.  

He might as well hedge his bet in Vegas, because if the Cavs do win, he’s going to have to pony up. So he says.