Orlovsky’s Get Up comments in their entirety:

If what we’ve experienced over the past three months has taught us anything, there is no such thing as meaningless anymore. We can’t take things for granted anymore. And there’s a different between have to and get to. And Damian Lillard would have the opportunity to get to play basketball again. Because there’s people out there who have to go do things – frontline workers and nurses and doctors. They have to go to work and they have to work more hours and pay less because of what we’re dealing with. Damian Lillard would have the opportunity to get to play basketball and I would hope and challenge him in his mindset that the last few months has changed that and that he’d take that opportunity to go and perform – to go and compete and get the opportunity to play basketball again. Some people don’t have a choice anymore. They have to go do things. It is not an option. How can you sit there and go, ‘Nope, I’m not going to play, but understand that there’s people out there that don’t have that choice. They have to go to work. They have to go earn their money. I struggle with sitting here and going, ‘You don’t come off, in some way, a spoiled and entitled brat by saying I’m not going to play.’

Last month, Orlovsky ranked quarterbacks from the past three drafts and said he would draft the Jets’ Sam Darnold before Bengals rookie Joe Burrow.’

This is what he does for a living.

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