Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is worried about LeBron James’ upcoming free agency.  He claims that he and the Cavs are focused on The Finals and will address LeBron’s free agency afterwards.


“Like him, I think he’s said this, we’re just focused — and it’s the truth, it’s not avoiding the question — we’re literally focused on (the now),” Gilbert told ESPN. “It’s just so intense in the playoffs and getting to the Finals and now the Finals, I don’t think — and I know he doesn’t — I don’t think even our guys are talking (about anything other than) what’s in front of them.”

“So, everybody knows, obviously what we want to happen and we’ll take the Finals first and take it from there.”

It’s very easy for Gilbert to claim they’re focused on The Finals right now.  He knows that not matter how the season ends, it’s going to be extremely hard to keep LeBron in Cleveland.  Especially with Gilbert’s support of President Trump.

Gilbert doesn’t want to come out and say the Cavs virtually have no chance to sign him, not before The Finals anyway.  With so many big names up for free agency it should be a fun off-season.  But, as Gilbert reminds us, we have an entertaining Finals to get through first.