Dance is a form of performing arts that transmits culture, emotions, and stories. Dance can be seen as a connecting agent that connects to rhythm, culture, and tradition. Dance is a variety of movements of the body to rhythm and sound. Many forms of dance exist; from belly dance, ballet, square dance, salsa, waltz, street dance, and many more, that helps reflect times, season and history, and heritage. Dance is an art form that expresses deep emotions through rhythm, expression, and body movement. Dance is alluring and most often abstract in its value as visual art. Its intentions and meanings are viewed from the viewers’ perspective and perception of the images created or captured.

Dance can be entertaining and fun, intense and emotive, sensual and alluring. Dance is an art form that requires other elements of art to support its intentions. Stage, setting, costume, and music all support dance. All these together can help create a story of people, history, and human culture.

Dance paintings and prints canvas are now quite popular in interior decorations, as it helps create a harmonious look with an intended meaning. There is an aesthetic standard applied to prints canvas, paintings, music, and movement. Dancing in itself is intensely personal because it reveals a part of you that is hidden. Regardless of whether or not you are professional or skillful, dancing is an art that relates to us all.

Dance-themed wall art can be used to enhance and inspire your space and wall. Whether it is to create a dance studio or decorate an aspiring dancer’s home, or even those who just appreciate the profession of dance and body movement, dance-themed wall art is an excellent décor choice. 

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Elephant stock features graceful ballerinas and classical dance wall arts that will add elegance to your space and also make you pause to admire and wonder how dance artists can twist and contort their bodies into poses that seem alien. Ballroom dance wall arts that will take you back in time and remind serenading music, waltz, and also of the time of knights, kings, queens, and romance. 

The collections also include African dance wall arts; that will give you a taste of the African culture in amazingly vibrant prints and canvas, or street dance wall art that will give the nostalgic feeling of the movie “Stomp The Yard” and make you want to bust a move or two. There are also collections of horse prancing wall art and peacock dancing wall art, in beautiful strokes and colors.

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