Dance sport refers to competitive ballroom dancing as opposed to social and exhibition dancing. The name was coined to help competitive ballroom dancing gain Olympic recognition. Dance sport events are sanctioned and regulated by two main organizations: the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), the Dance World Council (WDC), and the International Dance Sport Council (IDSC). The governing body of the representative country controls national events, while competitions at continental and world championship are regulated by WDSF and WDC”. Mr. Danil Akimov holds an international position in the filed of dance sport. He has actively participated in and won competitions sanctioned by the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). It was an honor to observe Danil’s exceptional talent at the competition in Manhattan Dance Championship which was organized in Ohio Star Bal Championship. Danil has exceptional technical mastery, artistic expression and stage presence truly impressed judges. Danil Akimov is a remarkable dancer who has all the skills necessary to represent the United States at the World Championships.

His dedication and unwavering determination make him the ideal candidate to showcase the best American talent in the upcoming competitions. World known young talent! Unique champion! Well known in many world competitions as a winner/champion: February, 2023, Ontario DanceSport Championship, Thomhill Junior Standard Champion, 2d in Junior Latin. April 28/29, 2023, 2023 Canadian Closed DanceSport Championships, Calgary Alberta (Canadian Junior Standard Champion: Canadian Junior Ten Dance Champion, Junior Latin 3rd) Represented Canada in the WDSF (World DanceSport Federation) World Junior 10 Dance Championship in Bermen, Germany on June 03, 2023. For the short period of 2023, Danil participated and got awards in five DanceSport competitions in the United Sates. 1. Manhattan Dance Championship, Standard program – 3d Place, 2. Elit DanceSport Championship, Category Junior 2, 1st Place Latin Dance 3. Hollywood DanceSport, Standard program -1st Place, Latin Dance – 2d Place 4. La DanceSport – Standard program – 1st Place, Latin Dance – 2d Place 5. Ohio Star Ball, categories Junior 2, Latin Dance – 1st Place. The All-Ukrainian DanceSport Federation (AUDSF) is the Ukrainian national member body of the World DanceSport Federation, which the IOC recognizes. Danil is Ukrainian accomplished athlete who has actively participated in sport competitions worldwide, Ukrainian and Regional Championships, and won awards in major international competitions.

He represented AUDSF from 2017 to 2021 and achieved remarkable success by becoming a finalist highly skilled dance athlete who other professionals and judges in the DanceSport field respect. He became absolute champion in all types of dances. Danil Akimov has a very ambitious plan for the next 5 years. Dance Stars Festival – 2024, San Jose, CA Emerald Ball DanceSport Championship, 2024, LA, CA People’s Choice DanceSport Competition- 2024, Scottsdale, AZ The Nig Easy Dance Gala, New Orleans, LA Manhattan Dance Championship, NY, NY Desert Classin DanceSport Championship, 2024 – Palm Desert, CA Empire Open Dance Festival, Westin Jersey City Newport, NJ Embassy Dance Championships, 2024, Garden Grove, CA Ohio Star Ball Championship, 2024, Columbus, OH California Star Ball DanceSport Championship, 2024, anta Barbara, CA Holiday Dance Classic Championship, Las Vegas, NV And etc, etc. He has more events for the next 5 years. There are no doubts, that Mr. Akimov’s passion to the dance is evident in every performance, and his commitment to his craft is truly inspiring. His talent, coupled with his professionalism and integrity, makes hi, a valuable asset to the dance community. It is a unique combination of talent that dances with emotional depth and applies his strength, speed and pasion both physically and artistically to his movements. Only after a short stay in the United States Mr. Akimov has already made the waves in the dance world with achieving some impressive results-final such competitions as: Ohio Star Ball 2023, Elite DanceSport Championship, Hollywood Dance Championship. Our story- dancing to victory – shows that Akimov being an exceptional talent, with multiple awards and determination, became an outstanding candidate for this dance sport opportunity. He is the best example of inspiring people with his artistry and dedication. He brings colors to our life. He is truly the most inspiring story of Ballroom Champions!

Danil never stops! He is planning to continue training and studied in the U.S. He has his own style, own passion, own techniques and he is ready to share his knowledge and practices with colleagues as well. Danil Akimov is an excellently trained and capable dancer who has his own style that allows him to reach the top level of international dance community. He has a huge dance experience from Europe and practice ally from Ukraine, ended in Canada and USA. But it is only beginning! Because Danil is a very positive, communicative, well-mannered, charismatic and self-confident athlete! Danil’s performances are a captivating blend of athleticism and artistry. They push the boundaries of dance, creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant routines. This can inspire us to be more creative and expressive in our own lives. His success brings ballroom dancing to the forefront of popular culture. This can spark interest in a wider audience, leading more people to try dancing themselves and experience its many benefits. As they compete internationally, they showcase the beauty and diversity of dance styles from different cultures. This fosters cultural appreciation and understanding. Danil challenges traditional views of dance, showing that it’s a physically demanding and athletic sport for both men and women. So, DanceSport winners on behalf of Danil Akimov may not directly impact our daily lives, they contribute to a richer, more culturally aware, and physically active society. Their dedication to their craft and their captivating performances inspires, motivate, and entertain us all. Imagine life as a black and white movie. Dance injects vibrancy, like a splash of color on the screen. It adds energy, emotion, and a new dimension to our experiences. Danil as a coach, he teaches us: Through dance, we learn to appreciate and celebrate our bodies’ capabilities. It’s a way to express ourselves physically, pushing boundaries and creating something beautiful.