Social media held its collective breath this past weekend watching an Instagram video of New England Patriots star Tom Brady jumping off a cliff and into the water, with his 6-year-old daughter Vivian.

The New England Patriots quarterback and husband of supermodel Gisele, posted the video, shot at a waterfall during a family trip to Costa Rica. In it, Vivi, wearing a pink bathing suit, stands on top of the cliff next to her father.

“Ready?” the 41-year-old asks his daughter. He counts to three and the two jump from the rocks while holding hands. “If Vivi is going to be an Olympic champion one day, it probably won’t be in synchronized diving,” Brady wrote on Instagram. “Daddy always gives her a 10 though!”

The athlete commented under the video, “I didn’t want to be the first Brady to fall off a cliff!”

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There were tweets that the star was “irresponsible” and that the 6-year-old appeared nervous to make the leap.

“You basically tried to kill her,” wrote someone.

“Nothing like getting a torn labrum at 10 years old,” added another. And a person remarked, “He was in motion, if he let her go she could have been seriously injured on the rocks.”

Some even called for the NFL to suspend him. 

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