It looks as if Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his gal pal Danica Patrick really enjoy their red meat. Yesterday we posted Aaron and Danica spotted at In-n-Out, and today we have a sighting of Rodgers getting his burger on at another spot.

What’s with these two, are they on a cheat week? To eat this sort of heavy food in back to back days can’t be what Danica wants.  

In-n-out one day, Habit the next.. Are we sure Danica’s actually dating this man? She doesn’t have control over his diet like she did with Ricky says our source 

Danica split from her Boyfriend of 5 years, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., late last year, and it seems as if these two are moving too fast for their own good. At this rate, expect an engagement sooner rather than later. IN the meantime they won’t be marriage ready if they keep on eating fast food every day.