Hosung Choi and his unorthodox swing did their thing this past weekend at Pebble Beach, and one NFL star was all in. 

Here’s some background for you. 

Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick were spotted all weekend wearing their new sweatshirts Pebble Beeechy. 

Check out the pics below:

Now is the part that is kind of hard to swallow. 

They came up with the term Pebble Beeechy based off of Hosung Choi’s accent. 

When Hosung announced he was playing, he sent out a video message, and had a slip of the tongue when saying the name of the famous golf course. 

Watch Below: 

 So they took his mispronunciation of Pebble Beach, and turned it into a shirt? 

Um, okay. 

From our source: 

I think it’s important to note that Ho-Sung used an interpreter to interact while he was here. I’m really at a complete loss as to why Rodgers and Patrick would think that it’s OK to make fun of his mistake. He’s had two victories overseas. He certainly deserved a lot more respect than what he was given.

Kind of insensitive for someone to try and capitalize off Choi’s mistake. 

Not very nice. 

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