Former professional racing driver and girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers Danica Patrick has offered to buy 400 popsicles for Packers fan who professed her love for Aaron Rodgers while under anesthesia.

Callie Kessler had some sort of medical procedure done, and when she woke up from surgery, she had a message for the Packers star quarterback.

Kessler said she wanted Rodgers to come visit her and then her throat wouldn’t hurt.

When told her throat would still hurt, she replied “…but then we could be best friends forever.”

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She asserted that if Aaron Rodgers was with her, he would buy her 400 popsicles.

Well now, she might get her wish. In a tweet, Danica Patrick offered to buy 400 popsicles for her and asked Callie to DM her address.

“We hope you feel better, but if you don’t, the popsicles should help a little!” wrote Patrick.

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