Danica Patrick will serve as the host for the 2018 ESPYS.  Patrick will be the first woman to serve as host of the ESPYS, ESPN’s big annual event that serves as a celebration of the best sports has to offer.  Some however aren’t very pleased with the Mothership’s choice in hosts. 


Racing fan Robert Durkee recently started a petition to prevent Patrick from hosting the ESPYs. His reasons for doing so are, well, rather unsurprising. Here’s his complete request to ESPN: “Dear ESPN, The ESPY’s are an event designed to honor those who have excelled in some way in the world of sports. In considering whether Danica Patrick meets this criterion, we should not omit these facts: 1. She has never won a professional auto race in the entire Western Hemisphere. and, 2. She has never won a full-field auto race (because her single, solitary, and only only race win came in a very small field of 18 racers). Conclusion: Danica Patrick has NOT excelled in the world of sports, and she therefore does not meet the standard for hosting the ESPYs. We, the undersigned, believe that Danica Patrick is unqualified to host your upcoming ESPY’s. We therefore request that your network replace Danica Patrick with someone else. We thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.”

Love her or hate her, Danica is a name, and that apparently qualifies her to host the ESPY’s. I would think someone with a little more experience might produce a better shows, but it’s the ESPY’s, no one cares.