When Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick met, it seemed they had a lot more in common than just splits with prominent people. Eventually, they seemed serious in their relationship, but rumors have persisted about them perhaps drifting apart.

They’ve squashed all those rumors, as they’ve spent a great deal of time with one another during Rodgers’ offseason. 

Now they’re going to have to deal with another rumor. 


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Danica posted this interesting little gem:  

My sister Brooke and I sat down for a chat, and it was really good! We covered a lot of topics, especially pertaining to kids, and – I got some good advice! 🙌🏼

Aaron liked her post just a few minutes after she posted it.

Sure seems like he has no issue with it. 

Are babies on the brain for Aaron and Danica, or is a bun already in the oven? 

Nice work Danica, you have us all guessing. 

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