NASCAR driver Danica Patrick revealed that she and boyfriend Aaron Rodgers had actually been in contact for years via email during an interview on The Jenny McCarthy Show in New York City.

‘I got his email address [in 2012], and I remember thinking to myself back then, like, “Oh, on the down low”‘ recalled the professional racing driver. They first met back at the ESPY’s 

We met at the ESPYs back in 2012. We both remember. We remember meeting each other, it was quick.’ Not a phone number, just an email address. Which is whatever.

The pair then stayed in contact every so often throughout the years. ‘It wasn’t until, obviously, recently that we actually had phone numbers,’ said Danica. 

To think they were emailing each other for years is just weird. Danica and Aaron have been dating since December, and she just can’t seem to keep his name out of her mouth.