Cris Collinsworth wasn’t the only person impressed by Aaron Rodgers comeback on Sunday night against the Chicago Bears.  His girlfriend Danica Patrick, who was in Lambeau, was impressed as well. 

Prior to what ended up being the game winning pass she got herself a little Sunday Night Football Lambeau Field luxury box camera time.

Patrick made sure to snap a couple of pictures from the game and let everyone know, especially those ex-girlfriend’s who spent time in the luxury box, how proud she was of the Packers quarterback.

I can’t be the only one who thinks Rodgers faked his injury and made sure the Packers were down 20-0 before he started to play.  If he’s able to comeback in the game and put up 24 second half points, was the cart necessary?  

They need to put rules in place around the cart.  If you’re able to use your legs then you don’t get a cart ride.