Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo’s relationship has been an up and down one.  Their latest breakup occurred back in October after the Dolphins receiver was spotted on the beach with sports reporter Bianca Peters.

But if their New Year’s Eve Instagram Stories are any indication, and they are, the two might be back together.  Amendola and Culpo both posted short videos of the same fireworks show on the beach.  

While it is certainly possible that it’s just a coincidence, it’s more likely they were dropping a hint that they weren’t quite finished with one another yet.

Via Page Six:

Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo are fueling rumors that they’re back together after splitting in October. Both Culpo and the Dolphins receiver posted videos on their Instagram stories of the same New Year’s Eve fireworks show that featured the same music playing in the background. It’s unclear where the beach is located, though Amendola is based in Miami.

We’re going to assume the reconciliation took place after Amendola saw the fire Culpo has been spreading on her Instagram lately.  Take a look for yourself, it would make any of her exes want her back.