New England Patriots receiver Danny Amendola chatted with students at Bryant University this week. Danny praised Kraft, Belichick and Brady last night as he spoke to a grup of students at the University. 

Here’s what he had to say regarding the rumors that Belichick, Brady, and Bob Kraft are not getting along.  The three pillars is what he refers to when speaking of Brady, Belichick, and Bob Kraft. 

“They all work together really well despite reports which I can say are B.S” 

Danny Amendola also addressed free agency, and it looks like he wants to stay a Patriot. Of course Amendola is way better with Tom Brady than without. My guess is you put him on any other team, he would be ineffective. 

With Julian Edelman coming back healthy next year, Amendola becomes more expendable. The Pats can win with anyone at the receiver position, fact.