We were the FIRST to break the news of the split between the SI Swimsuit model and New England Patriots star, and yesterday Olivia Culpo confirmed the split. Now we’re hearing some pretty crazy rumors about what eventually led to their demise, and let’s just say it’s pretty nontraditional.  

In most cases between a heterosexual couple, one of the parties cheat with someone of the opposite sex, but we’re hearing it happened a little different for this celebrity breakup. We received this in our tipbox

Rumor has it Dolphins WR Danny Amendola broke up with SI Swimsuit model Olivia Culpo after she cheated on him with another girl says our source. 

Who knows if she really swings both ways, all I know is, this is a pretty interesting twist to the story, and was too good not to share. If it turns out to be true, that is pretty messed up. Amendola will survive this regardless.