Dolphins receiver Danny Amendola was making the most of his weekend off.  He had the weekend off from football and his girlfriend Olivia Culpo.  

That didn’t mean that Amendola didn’t hit up the beach with a hot woman in a bikini, who looks a lot like Olivia.  According to TMZ Sports, she was in Los Angeles this weekend..

Miami Dolphins star Danny Amendola has the weekend off — so he hit the beach with a hot chick in a bikini.

The girl in the photos isn’t Danny’s girlfriend, Olivia Culpo — she was in L.A. the day before these were taken. Look, it’s not like they’re hooking up here … they’re just talking close and having fun.

We don’t know who this other woman is. Maybe they’re just friends and nothing’s going on here. Either way … she’s definitely a cutie.

This is a very interesting development.  Amendola and Culpo looked like they were still very much together when they hit up the beach together just last week.