The longtime ESPN sports business reporter recently ESPN to join the Action Network, a start-up media company focused on sports gambling.

His title is senior executive producer.

Unfortunately Rovell is not acting like an executive, as he dropped this comment on JJ’s latest Valentine’s day post

photo cred to the potato you took this with 

Of course the other commenters let him have it. 

They were not finding his comment very funny. 

  • wow this kinda a dick thing to say.
  •  weird flex but ok
  • “unnecessary pollution”
  • im sorry you are jealous, but JJ just isnt into men…
  • @darrenrovell where’s your valentine? That’s right I don’t see one
  • @darrenrovell shut up, Darren. IMAGINE being the guy at the office that made fun of JJ Watt’s Valentine’s post. Just IMAGINE

Since Rovell left the Mothership he’s clearly lacking the attention and screen time he craves. 

Rovell has blocked on us Twitter, so we’re not big fans either. 

What a tool. 

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