Sports reporter Darren Rovell decided to fill his free time prior to the National Championship game with a cringeworthy performance of “One Shining Moment.” 

Rovell blamed the late tipoff for his song and dance routine.

“This is what happens when you don’t start a game until 9:20pm ET #oneshiningmoment” 

The performance is so tough to watch it made Tom Brady quit Twitter.  The Patriots quarterback thanked all of his followers and said he was leaving in response to Rovell’s bizarre video.

Brady is doing that “enough internet for today” thing and probably isn’t giving up on Twitter just yet.  But we wouldn’t blame him if he did.

What kind of guy fills his free time with song and dance?  It turns out the same kind of guy who blocks Sports Gossip on Twitter.

That’s not the kind of guy any of us wants to hangout with.

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