Like any other possession, dartboards require basic maintenance and care to ensure they remain in excellent condition, which is important, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on an expensive one. Even the highest quality board made to withstand many games can wear prematurely if they aren’t looked after properly. 

Moreover, the walls on which the board is hung may get damaged too, which is why it’s a rule of thumb to have something between it and the wall. It may sound like an additional expense, but having the best dart backboard will protect your wall and give you peace of mind, making it well worth the investment. With the following tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your dartboard.

1. Rotate your dartboard regularly

Ask any dart enthusiast, and they’ll always recommend that you rotate your dartboard regularly, as it will help spread its wear and maximize its longevity. You can do this by removing its number ring and turning the board a couple of segments before putting the ring back. However, keep in mind that the bullseye and 25’s wear can’t be protected. For this reason, it won’t help reduce the wear for cricket and other similar games that depend on these areas.

2. Never soak your dartboard

There’s a common misconception that spraying or soaking your dartboard with water or other liquid substances will improve its longevity. In reality, it will have the opposite of the intended effect. If a bristle board gets in contact with any kind of liquid, it can cause potentially irreparable damage, decreasing the lifespan of the board as a result. Therefore, you must keep the dartboard dry at all costs. 

3. Ensure the darts have good points

Engineered, blunt, or hooked dart points can also cause the dartboard early wear. The design for dart points has significantly changed in the past few years, with a plethora of different options, mechanical grips, and patterns available. While they do offer advantages, you must be aware that they can also wear dartboards much quicker, as they can potentially cause over-compaction, preventing the bristles from recovering after the darts have been removed.

Smooth and sharp darts that aren’t hooked or blunt are the ideal option for maximizing a dartboard’s life. However, make sure they aren’t excessively sharp, as they can dig into the wires and cause bounce-outs instead of deflecting into fibers and scoring. 

4. Set the dartboard correctly

Lastly, the way you set your dartboard can impact its lifespan. If it isn’t firmly secure in its place, it may bounce around. Moreover, it may fall, causing considerable damage as a result. By setting it up properly, you’ll avoid any unnecessary damage and prolong the board’s life.


Maintenance is the last thing many people think about when it comes to dartboards, but it’s more important than some think. Fortunately, it isn’t hard to do. By following the abovementioned tips, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of wear and damage on the board and maximize its use.