Nothing like a hypothetical scenario to get you ready for the MLB season. 

In a profile for the Los Angeles Times, Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts “indicated it was unlikely” he would go to the White House celebration with President Donald Trump if the Dodgers were to win the World Series, which they intend to do.

Roberts said the Dodgers are “not going to stop until we hoist that trophy up. That’s apparent” but would rather skip one celebration afterward.

Via the L.A. Times:

“We have to win it first. But one trip to D.C., playing the Nationals, is plenty for me.”

Looks like Trump and Roberts have a bit of history which may help explain his future hypothetical absence. 

Roberts’ decision to replace starter Rich Hill in Game 4 of the 2018 World Series effectively handed over the title to the Boston Red Sox when the relievers gave up a four-run lead.

Trump took to Twitter to analyze the move, noting “managers do it all the time, big mistake!” Roberts was asked about it in the post-game presser and handled it with grace:

 “I’m happy he was tuning in, and watching the game. I don’t know how many Dodgers’ games he’s watched. I don’t think he was privy to the conversation. That’s one man’s opinion.”

Roberts took the high road rather than Bash Trump. 

He explained this week why he didn’t press the issue or say anything nasty in response.

There’s no benefit to responding to an irresponsible tweet irresponsibly, or ignorantly. So, I guess it’s one of those ‘consider the source’-type things. Which is sad, because that’s the leader of our country. That I have to say, ‘Consider the source.’ It’s sad.”

So they have some beef. 

Not sure Roberts should be talking about a White House visit at this point.  The Dodgers have lost two straight World Series. 

Maybe just say “Pass” on any questions involving the Dodgers actually winning the World Series. 

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