Former Eagles kicker David Akers was assigned the tough task of announcing the Philadelphia Eagles’ second-round pick.

David Akers did just fine, and then the Eagles team he was representing stuck it to the Dallas Cowboys.

The NFL moved the draft to the Cowboys’ home stadium in 2018, and since the league has former players from each team announce second-round picks, someone had to stand up in front of the Cowboys fans and take some payback during the Eagles’ pick. 

 “What’s up Dallas? We heard you in Philly last year!” Akers said from the podium.

Akers started to rattle off the Eagles championship accomplishments last season: NFC East champs, NFC champs ….

“And WORLD CHAMPS!” Akers yelled. “The world champs! Hey Dallas, the last time you were in the Super Bowl, these draft picks weren’t born!”

 The NFL Draft is turning into the WWE, and it’s fantastic.