Soccer superstar David Beckham posed a shirtless snap on Instagram on Monday, wishing his fans a Merry Christmas, and sporting a much thicker hair. 

The retired soccer star famed locks appeared thicker and darker compared to his appearance back in September.  

Dr. Asim Shahmalak, from Crown Clinic in Manchester, recently said: ‘David Beckham’s hair does appear to be thicker than in the pictures of him in Miami a couple of weeks ago when he was showing clear signs of male pattern baldness  

‘It is impossible to say for certain but it does look like he has been using thickener in his hair to give the impression of having a fuller hairline.

‘Lots of male stars use these temporary products to hide hair loss. Wayne Rooney is a good example of this trend. I think David Beckham is borrowing a trick from Rooney, he has dyed his hair darker which gives the impression of greater thickness.

‘The effect of these measures is to make his hair look much thicker all over and disguise what is likely to have been an earlier hair transplant.’

Beckham himself once suggested he wouldn’t be tempted to go through the costly process of a hair transplant.

‘There is definitely nothing wrong with doing that,’ he said in 2012, ‘But I don’t think personally I would. If I do start showing signs of going bald, then I will shave it off.’

I guess he had a change of heart. 

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