The biggest problem facing the 11 win Knicks might be overcoming their video game addiction.  Head coach David Fizdale says his team has a Fortnite problem. 

In a December interview, Fizdale said the game was his competitor and it was undefeated, via Extra Mustard:

Rookie center Mitchell Robinson confirmed his head coach’s concerns.  He admitted players stay up too late and aren’t getting enough rest. 

“We saw what he said about it. And I kind of figured he was talking about us a little bit. But it kind of is a distraction for us,” rookie center Mitchell Robinson told Vorkunov. “We’d be up all night to like 3 in the morning playing that game. We need our sleep, for our energy to get us up higher, and stuff like that. I see where he was coming from.”

Forget about performing well as a professional athlete and earning millions of dollars, I’ve got gaming into the morning hours to do.

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