Speaking ahead of David Haye’s rematch with Tony Bellew, Moralee shouted at the Liverpool crowd: “The person who said ‘history always repeats itself’ was wrong. It doesn’t always repeat itself.

“Two things might repeat themselves. You lot screaming and shouting and Tony Bellew playing games. They may repeat themselves.

“But you know what won’t repeat itself? You know what, this time David Haye is going to win. This time he will, you know it as well. You know it and you [Tony] know it.

“You can kid yourselves all you like, play your little games. Ooh shout at me, oh that’s good.

“You’re wrong. You’re wrong guys. And Saturday night you’ll see.”

Bellew’s promoter Eddie Hearn was laughing throughout the rant as fans continued to boo him. Even Haye was laughing towards the end.

When Bellew addressed the crowd, he said: “First off, I’d just like to thank Will out of The Inbetweeners. He’s just given me more motivation.” But there was no bad blood as the pair laughed and shook hands.

Footage later emerged of Hearn mocking Moralee in the car, referencing Will McKenzie – played by Simon Bird – by saying: “Feisty one, you are!”

Those Brits sure do have a different sense of humor. Let’s get to the match already.