Former MLB star David Ortiz is back.  He’s signed a new deal for the second half of the 2018 MLB season.  

Big Papi is making his return as an analyst.  He will be joining FOX Sports on a multi-year deal.

Via CBS Boston:

Ortiz will make his 2018 debut for Fox at the 89th MLB All-Star Game at Nationals Park in Washington, DC next month. He’s slated to contribute to the network’s studio analysis alongside former greats Frank Thomas, Alex Rodriguez and host Kevin Burkhardt.

“I had a lot of fun working for FOX Sports during the postseason last year and am pumped up to get back in the studio with Kevin, Alex, Frank and our leader behind-the-scenes, coordinating producer Bardia Shah-Rais,” Ortiz said in a release to announce his new deal on Monday.

As much as I hate him as a player I have to admit this is a good move by FOX Sports.  He’s great on camera and he’s very entertaining.

Add that to the fact that nobody will care if he uses PEDs on TV, although they didn’t really care when he did as a player either, and you have a pretty good addition to the lineup.