A dead body was found Tuesday morning in the basement of Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins’ New Jersey home.  

The body is reportedly not Jenkins and he is believed to be in Florida, where he lives during the off-season.

Via North Jersey:

Police received a 911 call at 10:22 a.m., Metzler said. The identification of the body has not been released.

Acting Prosecutor Dennis Calo said in a statement that the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit and the Fair Lawn Police Department are investigating.

“The deceased is not the owner of the residence,” Calo said. “but the identity of the male decedent cannot be released until next of kin have been notified.”

It’s hard not to think about Aaron Hernandez when you hear dead body and NFL player.  Let’s hope that’s not the case here, but Jenkins’ brother was acting oddly at an airport in New Jersey last night.  

Jenkins’ brother was reportedly attempting to catch a flight from New Jersey to Florida.  He had also reportedly been staying at the house.  It could be completely unrelated, but it’s certainly an interesting coincidence.