Deion Sanders dished out some opinions about some current NFL defensive backs on NFL Network. That opinion was rejected by Pro Bowl defensive back Kevin Byard. The only problem with that was Deion wasn’t sure who he was, and the Byard was none too pleased. 

Deion then answered the pro bowler, and made himself look pretty clueless, as it was clear Sanders had zero clue who Byard is, or who he plays for. 

With Sanders giving his response, the Titans pro bowler had to point out that Deion is clueless. If he gets paid to be an analyst, how does he not know who this guy is? 

I’m going to cut Deion a break, he’s prime-time, he doesn’t have time to know every player on every NFL team’s roster. That being said, Deion shouldn’t run his mouth unless he can back it up. Cmon Deion, you just got burned. 

If you follow Deion on Twitter, you certainly believe Golden Corral is one of his favorite restaurants. He should be paid for talking about Golden Corral so often, that’s because he gets paid by Golden Corral, he’s the voice of the buffet restaurant. It’s all about the payday with Primetime.  Stick to voice-overs, spend less time on pretending to analyze.