DeMarcus Cousins, the newly signed member of the Golden State Warriors, said he isn’t bothered by those criticizing him for joining a super team that has won three of the past four NBA championships.

In a sit-down interview with ESPN on Thursday, the four-time All-Star big man discussed the outrage over his decision, his timetable from an Achilles injury, his goals for the 2018-19 season and more.

LeBron James agreeing to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers on Day 1 of free agency instantly became the biggest talking point of the period. However, on Day 2, Cousins’ agreement took the league by storm.

Players joined in with remarks on social platforms of being shocked.

“It’s tweets [from players], but it’s nothing over the top,” Cousins said. “At least, not brought to my knowledge. But, it’s just kind of funny because before the whole thing started, I was just kind of wasted. I was damaged goods, not a winner, just everything negative. And soon as it happens, it’s like, ‘He’s too damn good to [be a Warrior].’ So, it’s just kind of funny how the narrative switches right away when things don’t go the way they expect it to.”

“I’m here to play basketball. I’m here to play at the highest level. I’m here to win games. Everything else will take care of itself. That’s not my concern.”

At this point no one has any clue how this will pan out. Even if Cousins implodes, the Warriors got him on the cheap, and their core is still intact. Can’t wait to see how this shakes out.