DeMarcus Cousins is apparently engaged to his longtime, behind the scenes girlfriend, Morgan Lang.

Via Fab WAGs:

Despite being a famous name, Cousins has kept his family on a low profile. It wasn’t even known to media that he had a son. Amir Cousins wasn’t revealed to the world until he was five months old back in 2012.

DeMarcus and his new chick, Morgan have been dating for the last four years. The short and petite gal enjoys hanging out at the beach and constantly changes her look. Unfortunately not much more is known about her.

We received a tip a few weeks back that DeMarcus had proposed and that the couple is expecting a child.  We didn’t have much to go on then.

Morgan and Demarcus are engaged.. they have a baby on the way and she has a million dollar ring.. he told her don’t post it because of his other baby mama..

It seems like we have confirmation of one of those thanks to an Instagram post from Morgan showing off a very large rock.