Former Denver Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas waited until his return to Denver was over and the Texans had secured the win. Then, he unloaded on his former team.

First he called out their offense. 

Then he really went on the offensive today. 

Thomas told Orange & Blue radio in Denver that Joseph lied to him and said that the Broncos weren’t going to trade him. Thomas was traded to the Texans hours before the NFL trade deadline last Tuesday.

Thomas was offended prior to the trade, though, when he began hearing that Elway and Joseph were blaming him, a five-time Pro Bowl selection, for the decline of the passing game.

“None of the players I played with. I just did my job and kept it as professional as I could. For you all to say that I was one of the reasons that the offense wasn’t going, and say this and that, man, that hurt.”

Thomas was also annoyed when Azzanni informed him that his playing time was being reduced so that rookie DaeSean Hamilton could play more.

“My receiver coach came to me and said — he could’ve said this to either [rookie wide receiver] Courtland [Sutton] or [veteran] Emmanuel [Sanders], but he came to me and said it — he said, ‘I want to get DaeSean in the game more than one rep. I want to get him going four to six plays of reps,'” Thomas said. “I’m like, ‘Bro, I’ve been here nine years, and you ask me besides anybody else?’ I’m like, ‘That’s so disrespectful to me, because I’ve put so much into this game, but you want me to come out for a rookie.’

“I don’t have anything against it, because he’s a great player; I love DaeSean Hamilton to death. When I knew it was that, I was like, ‘I’m out here just to be out here.’ It was tough.”

No one said playing in the NFL was easy business. Apparently, even a thank you banner draped from the outside of the stadium and pregame scoreboard tribute was not enough to ease some of the resentment Demaryius Thomas feels towards Broncos’ general manager John Elway, head coach Vance Joseph and his coaching staff.

Welcome to the BUSINESS of football!