Los Angeles Lakers star Lonzo Ball and his baby mama Denise Garcia have recently reconciled. 

Denise Garcia was spotted with Lonzo during a rekindling Christmas. 

Then she was spotted sitting courtside at the Lakers Game. 

Before all of this making up with Lonzo, there was breaking up with Lonzo. 

And while the two highschool sweethearts were on a break, Lonzo was keeping busy with Courtney Conejo. 

We broke the story:

Now it appears Lonzo’s girl Denise is still keeping tabs on Lonzo’s rebound girl Courtney.  

Check out the screenshot below: 

Apparently Denise loves to creep on Lonzo’s rebound girl Courtney.

Can you blame her? 

Check out more pics of Lonzo’s rebound girl Courtney below: 

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