I think someone needs to come out and say, ‘Hey, guys, Why are we looting? Why are we stealing? Why are we creating more issues, more problems?” he said.

“This is a bad, bad situation. But the fact that you’re gonna protest, protest in the right way. You don’t have to go and burn down things, steal things, burn things, and stuff like that,”

“We have enough issues with this COVID virus right now. For this right here to happen, right now, it just adds to it. Why are we doing this, why are we hurting each other again? Why not try to help each other? Hold each other’s hands [and] try to solve the problem.

Please, please understand, we have to live together. We are human beings, we’re not fucking animals. We are human beings, thank you guys for listening,”

If Dennis was in his 20’s during these protests, who knows what he would be up to.  

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