33:10 Mark: 


“I’m thinking I’m going to do an autograph show or play basketball. I ain’t know anything about North Korea, stupid as f**k, right?,” he said.

“Next thing you know, 22,000 North Koreans stand up and start clapping, I mean loud, and they’re cheering. And I’m thinking they’re doing it for me. And I’m like ‘Oh, shit,’ so I start waving, and they said, ‘No, that’s for him.’

…’I have no idea who the f**k this guy is, right?”

“He said, ‘We asked Michael Jordan to come, but he wouldn’t come so we asked you.’”

After the game, Rodman claims Jong Un asked him to turn up.

“Let’s have dinner tonight. A little karaoke and have some vodka, some hot toddys and stuff like that,” Rodman says Jong Un told him.

“Next thing I know, we are having dinner and we are drunk as sh*t, he starts singing karaoke and I have no clue what the f**k he’s talking about.”

“Everyone starts clapping, and he has this 18-piece women’s band. I mean these f*cking girls are HOT HOT, and the whole time they played one f*cking song. One song! It was the f*cking theme from Dallas. I was like, ‘What the f*ck.’”

“The politics, I don’t get involved with that,” Rodman said. “I came here to bring sports.”

Dennis continues to be the most interesting man in the world. 

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