Former Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman is still making headlines. 

During a Lie Detector Test interview, the NBA Hall of Famer absolutely tore into LeBron James, saying him and his Chicago Bulls teammates would have destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers tar.

“Do you know who can lock up LeBron? Me, Mike, and Scottie could,” Rodman says around the 6:05 mark. “LeBron is so easy to play. He is so f***ing easy to play. He don’t have any moves… He ain’t got no moves… Scottie Pippen could shut his f***ing ass down quick before I get to him. His game is too simple, he just big…. 6’8, 6’9. That’s the only thing he got. Pretty much. I’ve played against guys 7’0, 300. So, it don’t really matter.”

He also took a shot at KD, saying he’s just like LeBron.  

Dennis is still being a menace all these years later. 

And it’s still super entertaining to watch. 

You can watch the full interview below:  

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