San Francisco Giants pitcher Derek Holland issued an apology Thursday, a day after he appeared on the television show Intentional Talk, which airs on both ESPN2 and MLB Network, and spoke in a mock Asian accent.

Holland was accompanied on the show by Giants massage therapist Haro Ogawa, and the pair attempted a skit that cast Ogawa as Holland’s sidekick or “hype man,” with Holland speaking in a halting, heavily accented voice.

Criticism mounted online, and the Giants later issued a statement to Deadspin:

“The Giants organization does not condone that type of behavior in any way. We spoke to Derek regarding his interview yesterday and he completely understands the severity of the situation and apologizes if it offended anyone.”

Holland added he had spoken to and apologized to Ogawa and another Asian employee of the team, who he said “understand we were just doing a bit, but it was too far.”

Holland concluded that “whatever I have to do to take care of the situation, I will do it.”

I think in his head, it was funny, but he’s a real cutup, and sometimes, jokes don’t resonate with others how you think they will. Holland will have to cut that character out of his act.