Minnesota Timberwolves star Derrick Rose was found not liable during a civil rape trial in 2016.

The plaintiff appealed.

Today all the drama is now behind the Minnesota Timberwolves star guard. 

The two battled it out in court last month: 

Now we finally have a decision. 

Via The Blast.com

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the appeals court ruled that the lower court verdict, which dismissed the case against the NBA star, will be affirmed.

Lawyers for Rose and his accuser battled it out before the court last month and the judges took a couple weeks to reach their decision.

The order states the lower court did not rule in error when allowing photos, texts, and testimony to be presented in court, despite Jane Doe’s argument none of it should have been shown.They denied Rose’s attempt to sanction his accuser stating, “

Although this Court affirms the district court’s evidentiary decisions and the judgment of the district court, it does not find that Doe’s attorneys brought a frivolous appeal.”Back in 2016, a jury found the NBA star and his two friends not liable for the alleged gang rape of Rose’s former girlfriend.

The jury consisted of eight members – six women and two men.

Rose’s career resurgence continues this season, as he dropped 50 points in a game earlier this year.

Looks like 2018 is ending on a pretty good note for the once former NBA MVP. 

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