Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver DeSean Jackson is going to New York for a second opinion on his injured thumb, and it could land him on injured reserve to end his season.

Looks like his time in Tampa may be over. 

And I think that’s exactly what he wants. 

DeSean responded to a comment on his IG post agreeing he knows he is underutilized and hates being in Tampa. 

Here’s his post: 

DJ disabled the comment section on the post.

 Luckily we caught his comment: 

bucsbox: Man you might as well ask for a trade even though I’m a Falcons fan, I hate that you are under utilized. You would shine like a MF in our offense, or maybe New Orleans, or shyyd back in Philly, but y’all got dub so I’m sure you coo 

DeSean: man bra trust ! I know smh 

Desean Jackson is a serious weapon but his antics after every game are growing tiresome for some Buccaneers fans. 

Even when they win, he has issues. 

We know by now DeSean isn’t a huge fan of Jameis Winston, but it’s your job to go as hard as possible no matter who is in at QB.

That IG comment is pretty telling, especially now that he ‘injured’ his thumb. 

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