Jilly Anais is feeling it. 

Deshaun Watson has been an incredibly controversial figure as of late, and for very good reason. He was accused of sexually assaulting upwards of 30 massage therapists around Houston. Additionally, an investigation suggested that Watson saw over 60 masseuses in a two-year period.

Overall, this has been a very wild story that culminated in an 11-game suspension for the quarterback. On Sunday, Watson officially returned to the field against his former team, the Houston Texans. In the end, he came away with a huge 27-17 victory. However, Watson’s numbers from the game were pedestrian at best.

Jilly Anais, who has stuck with him throughout this entire ordeal, is getting torched. According to @theybf_daily on Instagram, Anais posted a whole plethora of photos from the game.

In the comments of the post below, many were critical of Anais and her undying support for the quarterback. For instance, one user wrote, “It’s actually creepy that she’s ok with his actions and we know y.” Another person said, “Wait he was doing all that with a girlfriend?!?!?” Needless to say, many are unimpressed with this predicament.

No one really knows what took place or what arrangement Jilly and Watson have. It’s a tough beat all around.

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