What can be more perfect than having a gym inside your own home?  

A home gym offers you the privacy, you can be sure that the equipment is hygienic and you won’t even have to wait in traffic or shower booth lines. 

So if you’re looking to design your home gym then here are a few things you should know before you start. 


1. Room 


A gym room means that you will want to have plenty of space. Hence the room has to be the biggest one in your house. Some people dedicate their whole basement to make a gym. All equipment in the gym require space, for instance, a treadmill buying guide requires 6 feet of space and if you’re going for power rack then you will need even more space. 



2. The flooring of the gym 


The flooring of your gym should be based on planks/tiles which can suffer the wear and tear that will be caused by the heavy equipment. We suggest laminate and vinyl flooring either of them will be a great option.

Vinyl planks are easy to maintain and moisture resistance meanwhile laminate floors are considered one of the best options for gym flooring. The common factor between the two flooring types is their affordability, durability, and chic look. 


3. Paint 


You might want to have a different splash of colors on each wall but for a gym – that would be a bad decision. You should go with all white walls because they will give the illusion of a bigger room and you won’t need to put so many lights to light up the room. If you don’t want white then we suggest that you don’t go for warn tones of color rather go for bright ones. The reason being is that warm colors make you feel calm and that is the last thing you want to feel in the gym. 



4. Lightening


It is essential that you put on enough lights so that your room is bright enough. Also, consider putting in led bulbs they will give you good lighting, consume less energy, and don’t produce as much heat as compared to traditional bulbs. Gym enthusiasts suggest that you should be looking for 2.7k- 3k – kelvin bulbs when you go shopping. 



5. Music system 


Every gym needs a music system but make sure the sound is loud enough only to reach you and not your neighbors. When getting the sound system you should be looking for their Bluetooth range, their battery power, their base, and 360 degrees sound ability. Also unlike olden times, the sound devices are remote and far better. There are a lot of options but were consider UE Megaboom to be one of the best remote speakers. 



6. Mirrors 


Either you can have a wall full of mirrors or a full-length mirror in your gym. The mirror in the gym helps motivate the person who is exercising and gives them feedback on their performance.

A tip: The mirror should be tall enough to help you see your whole body and put in a straight position rather than lean. A lean mirror can give you an incorrect look at your body. 



7. Gym equipment 


Now we understand that this can be the costly part of your whole project. These are three gym equipment that should be in your gym a treadmill, a pair of dumbbells, and elliptical trainers. Now they can be expensive but they are worth the cost. Lastly don’t buy equipment that you think might use one day because that equipment often ends up never being used. 

We hope that with these things in mind you will be able to start planning the perfect home gym you have always dreamed of.