This one comes to us from a loyal reader on our Tip Line.  It’s a story of an alleged one night stand, technically two nights, that Aaron Judge had in Boston last season.  

To be clear we don’t know if this is true or not, but it is an entertaining read, nonetheless.

Please keep me anonymous. I came across an interesting story about an Aaron Judge one night stand from last season and thought I’d share.

It’s from last season, one time in Boston. Judge slides into this girl’s DMs, arranges to meet up with her when he gets to town – invites her to the team hotel. So she goes along but all they do all evening…is watch Mean Girls Next night, he messages her again while she’s out with a friend, so she ditches the friend and goes to meet Judge again. And that time they do the deed (not “talk” or “hang out” lol – they sleep together). So Mean Girls apparently worked By all accounts a very respectful guy, nothing bad to say about him. But it also cracks me up that some people on here think he’s so wholesome he never tries to get laid. I mean come on – he’s a normal single guy in his 20s. You get a chance, you take it.

If you are the “Mean Girls” girl or happen to know her, feel free to hit us up, we would love to get some more details and nail down whether or not this story is true.  For now it will live in world of Sports Gossip.  

If you have any stories of hookups or one night stands with athletes, we would love to hear them.  Feel free to reach out on our Tip Line