Sam Bradford, who was only able to play in two games for the Vikings last season due to injury, will make at least $15 million for the Cardinals this season no matter how many games he plays.  He could make another $5 million if he somehow manages to play all 16 regular season games.

It seems like they’re protecting themselves with the $5 million per game roster bonus, but they’re still paying a guy $15 million who has only managed to play two full season.

Via Pro Football Talk:

According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the two-year, $40 million deal Bradford signed with Arizona includes $5 million this year in per-game active bonuses.

That’s a cool $312,500 and change every time Bradford is well enough to get a uniform for the Cardinals this year, and far different from the initial reports that pegged its value at $20 million a year since no reasonable person expects Bradford to play all those games.

It must be nice to have that amount of money to just completely set on fire or flush down the drain.  There is absolutely no way Bradford plays the entire season.

There must be something in the water in Arizona that makes people throw money away.  How else do you explain this deal?