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@dbook from a killer to the future…if u wanna be an all star then ur complaint is correct BUT if u wanna be a superstar…u accept double teams in pickup..u demand double teams in pickup….u should be offended when u don’t get double teamed in pickups and the reason is…if u get doubled teamed in the nba how dare some pickup ball cats don’t respect ur game enough to double u….u can ask @ricohinesbball in highschool if the college and pro players didn’t double me at the UCLA runs that shot was going up…I trained to hard to let 1 defender disrespect my game by guarding me 1 on 1 I didn’t care who he thought he was #hibachimentality every time u step on that court u want it game like….THE second picture is my rookie season ” I still shot that shit” becuz I’ve been in that position before (playing 21 with 6 players and u got 20..the whole court trying to stop u at that point) now tap into ur true calling #assassinbook

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